Interview: Wolf McNally on The TOC Show

Interview: Wolf McNally on The TOC Show

A Jedi, a druid, and a software developer walk into a bar…

In this interview, Clarke Ching (The Bottleneck Guy), Graham Scott (who teaches the Thinking Processes with the enhancement of “Druids”), and Wolf McNally have way more fun than should be possible on a hemisphere-spanning Zoom chat. Jack Vinson even manages to sneak in while the bartender is looking the other way.

Some items that got covered:

  • Is “Wolf” really his name?
  • Where did the inspiration to create Flying Logic come from?
  • Which Jonah helped name Flying Logic?
  • Why did an American aerospace giant suddenly find themselves buried in requisitions for Macintosh computers?
  • Real talk about the business of publishing software
  • The self-limiting belief that has kept Flying Logic such a secret
  • Graham Scott discusses the joy of using a purpose-built tool for TOC work
  • What’s the difference between a drawing tool and a modeling tool?
  • How Flying Logic lessens cognitive burden on planners
  • The difference between trees and DAGs
  • The future of collaboration with Flying Logic
  • The importance of security to Flying Logic users
  • How Wolf uses Flying Logic for his own personal work
  • Will Flying Logic remain TOC-centric?
  • How to keep track of where you are when working with automatic layout
  • What does fluency in using Flying Logic look like?
  • Why doesn’t Flying Logic have more published cases studies?
  • Wolf does a bit of on-the-fly demonstration
  • A power user shares how he uses Flying Logic with teams in multinational corporation

Wolf always enjoys the opportunity to chat with professionals dedicated to helping the world think better. He can be reached at for interview requests.

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