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Slide over to our Videos page and check out the tutorial videos. Start with the one Start.

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Looking for that good ol' written user manual? You'll find it here.

Want to make Flying Logic sit up and roll over? Check out the Scripting Guide.

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Interested in the thinking processes behind Flying Logic?

Check out Wolf's book, Thinking with Flying Logic. It's on us!

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Hey, thanks for being a loyal Flying Logic user! If you're looking to download the latest point release of Flying Logic 3, click the orange trial button and put in your email address and you'll get taken right to that page.

But why do you need my email? I'm already a customer!

Yeah, about that...we didn't do the best job in the past of taking care of our userbase and keeping you informed, and we're working to change that. If you jump through the trial hoops, you'll get about 9-10 emails over the next 3 weeks or so with info, tips, and tricks you might not already know about. Then you'll be positioned to hear from us occasionally with development news, TOC information, and specific tutorials. It would be occasionally, because we're all busy here. And of course every email comes with a magical unsubscribe link you can smash if you feel you absolutely must.

Once you get to that download page, make a note of it, and you can scoot straight there next time. We will be updating the direct link in version 3.0.22, but we need to get everyone there first.

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