Planning a Master’s Thesis with Flying Logic

Planning a Master’s Thesis with Flying Logic

In the first in our new series featuring User Success Stories, TOC educator Graham Scott walks us through how he created a Prerequisite Tree (PRT) with Flying Logic to help him research, plan, and complete the revisions to his Master’s thesis.

Graham Scott learned about the Theory of Constraints about 15 years ago and has applied it to his own business, his client’s businesses, and in the Not-For-Profit sector. Graham has been teaching the Black Belt in Thinking version of the TOC Thinking Tools for 8 years and has delivered courses in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

We thank Graham for taking the time to record the video and share it with us.

Want to help us build out our user success stories series, so we can continue to spread the word about how Flying Logic supports the TOC Thinking Processes? Just drop me a line at

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