Our Story.

How it all started...

In the early 2000s, Wolf McNally was introduced to the Theory of Constraints (TOC) Thinking Processes when he read Thinking for a Change by Lisa J. Scheinkopf.

In her book, Lisa had referenced a little business parable by Israeli business management visionary Eliyahu Goldratt, the father of TOC. This parable, called The Goal, introduced his Theory of Constraints (TOC) as experienced through the eyes of a manager in charge of a troubled manufacturing operation. It became a best-selling business novel with uncharacteristically wide appeal.

Originally applied to manufacturing lines, TOC principles have been successfully adapted for areas as diverse as supply chain, accounting and finance, project management, health care, military planning, and software engineering.

Wolf was captivated by the power of these processes, and found himself wishing there were a software tool to help work through them to solve real-world problems.

A few years later, he was approached to develop a military course of action (COA) analysis tool for one of the world’s top military technology providers.

It occurred to him that there was a huge overlap between TOC thinking processes, COA analysis, and a whole host of other applications…and Flying Logic® was born.

How Flying Logic evolved...

Wolf first developed Flying Logic for the Mac, and soon after he started holding demo sessions, word came down that this defense contractor (a 100% Windows shop) was being flooded with requisitions for Macs, just so excited analysts could use Flying Logic. Please, they asked, could you make it cross-platform?

After three years of research, study, and development, Wolf released the first public version of Flying Logic, which runs equally well on Mac, Windows, and LINUX.

Where we are headed...

After that cross-platform launch in 2008 and several new releases since then, thousands of copies of Flying Logic have quietly been sold to users in over 76 countries around the globe. And we’re just now starting to make some noise.

Plans are afoot to develop a cloud-based version, as well as mobile versions of Flying Logic, and more robust collaboration tools, so that we can help more people around the world think BETTER – no matter where they are.

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