Flying Logic 4.0.5 fixes “Mac Export Bug” and more…

Flying Logic 4.0.5 fixes “Mac Export Bug” and more…

We just dropped version 4.0.5, which fixes the following:

  • Changing the contents of a group now recalculates its start and finish dates when project management data exists.
  • Disclosure triangles in chart mode now respond properly when chart zoomed.
  • Emojis can appear in entity and group titles.
  • Fixed typos in the Login dialog.
  • Removed bad data in the example Project Management domain.
  • A Mac-specific bug that prevented file dialogs from appearing when exporting or importing when some third-party utilities are installed has been resolved.

You can download the update via Help > Check for Updates in Flying Logic.

This update is free to active subscribers to our Monthly, Annual, and Believer plans. If you purchased Flying Logic 3 before February 22, 2022, contact for your upgrade discount information.

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